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Friends Cull

I did a big friends cut of which I think were all icon communities or other communities. If I unfriended anyone who wants to be added back, just ask. :)

New obsession

Wow, Sherlock may actually get me using LJ again.

(It's not that I haven't wanted to LJ, just got slammed with work and then was ill for a while and well, now I'm unemployed so there's lots of time :))) So perhaps I'm back, I want to be, but we'll see, I know I'm not reliable these days.)

ANYWAY. Back to the fun stuffs.

So, Sherlock random thoughts:

- I think I love him because I'm really into intelligence lately...or snarky geniuses...not sure what that's about. Sheldon, Sherlock, House, Cal Lightman (Lie to Me), the Doctor, and to a lesser extent Dexter. Those are pretty much my favorite shows these days, and practically the only ones I watch regularly.

- Along those lines, DAAAAAAAAAAAMN I'd love to see crossovers of any of the above subjects. Can you imagine Sheldon meeting Sherlock (funny stuff)? Sherlock and House working on the same case (imagine Watson and Wilson meeting too?)? Sherlock and House AND Cal Lightman working on a case (not sure how that's possible, perhaps a conference somewhere)? The Doctor meeting Sherlock? Sherlock investigating and discovering Dexter? My God, the possibilities. I may have to start writing fanfic again.

- Have you heard about this 3-state, 20-attacks, 5-murders serial slasher guy? Sherlock would be ALL over it.

Why isn't Sherlock interested in unsolved famous cases like Jack the Ripper?

OK, back to searching for icons.

Friends cut

I'm going to do a big f-list cull because it's too unwieldy. If you want to stay on, or be re-added, just ask!

I think most are icon journals, etc. anyway.

"Well, I'm back."

Well I'm gonna give this blogging thing another shot.

The winter is over (despite the damn snow today on the 8th of April!!), the SAD is over, the dysfunctional long-distance relationship is over (which may have contributed to the magnitude of the above), main big project at work has imploded (not my fault), and I have several things I want to blog about, including two new sources of funny. :)

1) I have discovered @frostinglickr on Twitter. A work colleague actually turned me on to her and she's hilarious in her random funny bitterness. She also has a blog: Read it when you need a pick-me-up.

2) Former work colleagues turned me on to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, described as "Jane Austen's story and copy mixed with zombies. looks like a barnes and noble classics book, but with elizabeth bennett all zombie-fied." I'm sold.

3) Not a funny but woah, totally BLINDSIDED by the House plot-shocker this week!!! WTF??? And even more surprised by the real-life reason behind it. I need to discuss and no one has watched it off their DVRs yet. TALK TO ME!!



Okay. I am back, because I need Big Bang Theory icons.

Dec. 13th, 2008

Just had a chat with someone I know who works for the MTA. When he heard I've had a new job in the Grand Central area he suddenly perked and was like, "Near Grand Central??" And I was like, yeah, it's nice, it's a shorter commute-- and he was like, "Be careful on those subways, you know sooner or later there is going to be a terrorist attack." He proceeded to tell me that there has been a policy in place since 2003 or so that if a train is attacked, the engineer and conductor are supposed to put on masks they're provided with and get out. They're supposed to abandon the train ("cut and run") in order to be able to notify the authorities. Unfortunately this means abandoning the passengers. But they figure they can do the most help by getting out and notifying the authorities.

He advised me to know my route... the tunnels...and know where the exits are. He feels the attack would come towards the back of a train since there is no personnel at the back. And he told me how to kick out a window, how to open the doors between cars with a screwdriver-- advised me to carry a pocket flashlight and screwdriver. And that what you should do is just run out of there as fast as possible through the tunnel to the next station..avoiding the third rail of course. He even offered to ride a train with me one day to show me how to open the doors with a screwdriver.

He's not really a doom and gloom sort of guy, so the seriousness and detail he gave was a bit alarming.

Happy birthday, jigglykat! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, jigglykat!!! :) :) :)



The first of the three baby girls I know of due to be born this holiday season have arrived! And there's two of them! :)

My former co-worker and his wife had twin girls :)
And I LOVE the names they chose - Eva and Amelie :) HOW CUTE ARE THEY?? :)

Of course they arrived 6 weeks early which means I have no knitting projects finished yet :) And the third baby girl, of another former co-worker, is due in 5 weeks! I better get my needles clackin!!

Meet Lily

Awww my old boss and friend David and his wife Pam have set up a blog for their sweet baby-to-be, Lily :) I can't wait to meet her! :) I am making something but it sounds like she may be coming early, so I hope I'm finished in time!!


Italian blogs

I was shocked to learn today, from a friend who went on a bicycling trip through Italy, that blogging is illegal in Italy, as is much of the internet. WTF? I knew about this in places like China and Indonesia and some others, via Global Voices, but Italy??

Once again, count your blessings that you live in America (for as long as our freedoms last).


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